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Lake Tahoe Wellness Center Studio resides in a passive-solar building, set in a dynamic setting in the heart of North Shore Lake Tahoe. With several studio spaces that provide an ability to really connect to your teacher and your practice, classes at the Lake Tahoe Wellness Center are suitable for all-levels of students, regardless of your physical fitness or flexibility level. In addition to our yoga mat classes, we are the only studio in California on the north shore of Lake Tahoe that offers Aerial Yoga classes. In addition, our facility also offers Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy services in addition to our Yoga and Aerial Yoga Programs.

We pride ourselves on offering our community a variety of classes and styles to help shape well-rounded students and Wellness Center members. We look forward to connecting with you! Check out our Class Schedule HERE!

The BENEFITS of yoga and our movement classes are abundant, including:

Increased Flexibility
Strength Building
Deep Breathing
Internal Cleansing
Weight Loss
Chronic Pain Relief
Healing of Injuries
Improved Circulation
Stress Management
Mental Clarity

$15 - Drop in / $110 - Ten Class card ($11/class)

$30/month for NEW STUDENTS

$60/month for second consecutive month for NEW STUDENTS

$85 Unlimited Month

Private Lesson $70/hour
Semi-private 1-3 people $80/hr

Each class is appropriate for all levels, unless otherwise specified
Level 1-2 identifies a slower paced class.

Please arrive to class 15 minutes early.
Having time before class allows for you to talk with the instructor, sign-in and pay for class, sit quietly and get comfortable, and ensures that we begin class on time.
Yoga mats and all equipment provided for all classes. Thank you!

If you have any questions, click here or call (530) 546-8201


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Classes And Appointments Available


Classes And Appointments Available


Classes And Appointments Available