I am so grateful I found Naturopath Ana and her lymphatic treatment. She is wonderfully educated, patient and competent. Her therapy helped me continue on a healthier immune system and healthier life. After the treatments I feel energized. I fully trust her and sent my daughter to continue her health journey there as well as she was diagnosed with lymphoma and is doing extremely well. I would highly recommend the lymphatic sessions by Naturopath Ana. Thanks so much.


Four Months after my neck surgery I was still struggling with swelling and soreness in my face, jaw, neck and chest. My surgeon blamed the swelling on the lymph nodes but offered no solution. The lymphatic treatment I received from Naturopath Ana made an immediate difference in the appearance of my face and significantly reduced tenderness. I wish I heard about Naturopath Ana and the Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage months ago. With a history of Lyme disease and struggles with inflammation due to a current auto immune disorder, I will be making this and Naturopathy a part of my regular wellness program.


I have been treated for Lymphatic Filaria by Naturopath Anastiscia for the last 3 years. I have found a reduction in my inflammation issues and a renewed sense of wellbeing. Recently I had several lumps on my upper right thigh that would not go away and were painful. After seeing Anastiscia and with treatment, they dissolved in treatment and did not return.


Anastiscia is very knowledgeable with Enhanced Lymphatics therapy. I don’t detox well at all and have a lot of inflammation due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis, pathogens, ad EMF sensitivity. Ana and her therapy technique has really helped clear my lymph nodes and keep the lymph flowing. I have seen miracles on myself with maintenance. I keep up the maintenance because I can notice a difference in how I feel.


Anastiscia is a very knowledgeable and caring professional Naturopath Practitioner. Her knowledge about natural health and the lymph system is very helpful. The lymph drainage therapies have really helped with my poor circulation which is so much better now and getting rid of toxins. She really helped me after I had Covid and ended up with breathing problems and poor leg circulation. I highly recommend Naturopath Anastiscia and the lymph treatments.


I want to thank Naturopath Anastiscia very much for helping my body and my lymphatic system after a vaccine illness issue. I appreciate you!


I’ve been doing lymphatic drainage treatments for about 25+ years. Most of those years were performed by a technician that was not hands-on, but pretty much let the machine to everything. I’ve been going to Anastascia for about two years now and can honestly say that having the hands on along with the machine, I’m seeing better results.


Naturopath Ana is both knowledgeable & listens. With therapy I can find relief for a longtime chronic shoulder issue. & detox help with my Lyme. I can decompress & relax. Ana is versatile unlike other therapists I’ve visited. I highly recommend her services.

Leon D.

I struggle with chronic pain & Lyme conditions. It was so amazing the reduction in swelling I got from lymphatic treatment here.

Nici A.

Due to lower back pain and leg pain I decided to add lymph treatment to my weekly routine. Not only did my leg swelling reduce but Naturopath Anastiscia’s technique was relaxing, refreshing and lymph nodes I didn’t even know were stuck got released.

Yolanda P.

I have been dealing with autoimmune issues and I have been greatly relieved through my detox protocols and lymph treatments. Anastiscia takes time and explains. She is very knowledgeable about the body and holistic health. This also counts as my relaxing time.

Janet H.

If I could give 10 stars I would… Let’s start by saying these are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in any lifetime: Caring, concerned, compassionate, and of the highest caliber you could ever want. Now on to their services: Simply the Best! Dr Lily is the best chiropractor on Tahoe’s North shore. I’ve been here for more than 25 years and she’s the best, bar none. Acupuncture – Mark has the knowledge, charm, and true healing nature to correct all sorts of maladies from swollen

Sam D.

I have never been anything but satisfied with my visits to the wellness center, whether it be massage , chiropractic , acupuncture , or yoga ..a well skilled crew with lots of love :)….. thank you ,much appreciated !

Christian B.

Hey, I am Orien, 6 years old, one month until I’m 7. I like Dr. Lily so much because I feel so good after she adjusts me! My back and body feels so so so great!

Evan K.

Dr. Lily’s work was extremely helpful, especially in relieving neuralgia-face pain. Her work is quite exceptional in everyway. So is the general staff! Thanks.

Trudy R.

Crushing migraines were ruining my life. I’d seen every doctor western medicine had to offer. I got a ton of pills and no results. With the help acupuncture with Mark and chiropractic care with Dr. Lily, they rid me of my pain and restored my health. I’m deeply grateful for what they’ve done in just a few short sessions.

Chuck W.

I am now taking two walks a day instead of one and this is huge since pain has kept me down both mentally and physically. Oh, one more thing, on my 1st visit Mark put a “point” at the top of my head..to reduce the tendency to “think too much”. I never told him that is a daily problem for me!!! I do not plan on coming “forever” but through the things Mark is teaching me on each visit and the overall body work he is tapping into, I am continually finding value in each appointment. Thank you.”

Stacy J.

I did not know what to expect when I went to the Wellness Center, but the experience was awesome and something I hope I can repeat even though I live many states removed from California. The positive, friendly, and professional attitude of the entire staff were front and center all the time. The Wellness Center itself was my focus but I must add that the surrounding area with its beautiful hiking trails and access to the lake was a wonderful bonus.