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Massage by Ellen Walters

Postural Alignment Therapy sessions with Ellen are like a holistic approach to physical therapy. Drawing on corrective exercises and techniques from various forms of rehabilitative fitness, therapeutic yoga, and other healing modalities, this is a powerful tool to transform your movement and postural habits at the root-cause level. Healing your posture will also help your body cope better with limitations and difficulties caused by a wide variety of health challenges. No matter what kind of body you have transformative therapy can you reach goals such as the following:

  • rehabilitate chronic or post-traumatic pain
  • optimize and maintain athletic performance
  • manage special health and lifestyle conditions
  • get the support you need to stick to your wellness regimen
  • prevent injuries and ensure graceful aging


Appointments available on Thursday afternoons/evenings and all day Fridays and Saturdays, by appointment only. 

Contact: (530) 400-4166 to schedule appointments or with questions. 

Massage by Kristin Blinman  

Stealthy tissue specialist supporting a vital, personalized, and transformative bodywork experience.

Sessions $95/60 minutes, $142/90 minutes

(30 minute and 120 minute sessions also available, see online booking portal)


Sessions available by appointment:

Monday 7am -1pm

Wednesday 7am -1pm

Saturday 7am – 7pm

Sunday 9am – 7pm


Contact (626) 658-5874 or follow the link below to book a session!*


Kristin Blinman

Vitalism: "It is (the) vital intelligence of the body that is re-informed how to express itself in a balanced way, how to function properly again, and how to find its own unique state of homeostasis." - from The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Kristin (CAMTC #75053) graduated in 2016 from Hands on Healing Institute outside of Los Angeles, CA and has been dubbed by one enthusiastic client as the “Stealthy Tissue Specialist” due to her fusion of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Energy, and Sports modalities in her bodywork sessions, as well as her in-depth knowledge of anatomy/kinesiology. Her practice, as well as continuing education and self-development over the last 4 years, has taken her all over the world, from the Sierra Nevada of Colombia to healing retreats in Costa Rica, and Breath Work intensives in Bali. She is certified in Neurokinetic Therapy (, a system of muscle testing and bodywork geared toward assessment and rehabilitation of injury and longstanding movement patterns. As a returning resident to the Tahoe area, she is also expanding her knowledge at the Bodhi Tree School of Healing Arts in Carson City in order to obtain licensing in Nevada.

Kristin would tell you there are a myriad of subjects and experiences that we all explore, lean into, learn through, and bring awareness to in our day to day lives. However, it is often our own bodies that are the most mysterious to us. By bringing an individual’s innate curiosity back into themselves, Kristin partners with her clients in their rediscovery, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation of personal wellness.  Empowerment through healing and self-care is her main motivation to practice bodywork.

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