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Massage by Ellen Walters

Postural Alignment Therapy sessions with Ellen are like a holistic approach to physical therapy. Drawing on corrective exercises and techniques from various forms of rehabilitative fitness, therapeutic yoga, and other healing modalities, this is a powerful tool to transform your movement and postural habits at the root-cause level. Healing your posture will also help your body cope better with limitations and difficulties caused by a wide variety of health challenges. No matter what kind of body you have transformative therapy can you reach goals such as the following:

  • rehabilitate chronic or post-traumatic pain
  • optimize and maintain athletic performance
  • manage special health and lifestyle conditions
  • get the support you need to stick to your wellness regimen
  • prevent injuries and ensure graceful aging


Appointments available on Thursday afternoons/evenings and all day Fridays and Saturdays, by appointment only. 

Contact: (530) 400-4166 to schedule appointments or with questions. 

Human Touch® Massage Chairs

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