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Private instruction and personal training sessions are available for you at Lake Tahoe Wellness Center 7 days a week! Please inquire with our Front Office to set up your first session with a certified and trained instructor, eager to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals!

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Evolve Health and Life Coaching

Kicking the Sugar Habit


Do you feel like your cravings for sugar are getting you down? Sugar is often the root cause of weight gain and chronic fatigue.  We all know we should eat less sugar, but are you wondering what you can do to really kick the sugar habit for good this time? 


Join certified health and life coach Andrea Buxton for an informative talk about sugar.  She will help you understand why you crave sugar at certain times and why it feels so good to eat sugar.  She will explain the seven best ways to avoid excess sugar without losing the sweetness of life so you can experience your best body, your best moods, and your best life ever!


Andrea not only offers practical advice but digs deep into what you believe about yourself and stretches what is possible for you in all aspects of your life: food and drink, movement, stress reduction, sleep, money, relationships, career, and spiritual connection.  She is dedicated to helping you envision the greatest version of yourself and then supporting you in making that dream a reality.  She focuses on lasting habit change by having you show up for yourself, take empowered action, and follow through in a way you have never done before. 


Please visit for more information about Andrea, or send her an email at [email protected] for specific questions about this talk. 


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