A standard blood test or other, indicates a host of health markers and can reveal so much more about your body when looked at from the depth of a functional naturopathic perspective. Often lab work can even come back “within normal ranges”, but the feeling of wellness isn’t there and that can be perplexing. Your numbers may even be just a point or two above or below the standardized ranges therefore, underlying, developing concerns could be overlooked. WHAT IS YOUR BODY SAYING TO YOU? Need help digging deeper into the whole body connection of your lab work assessments? We look at the signs and indicators of the analysis from a functional whole body interconnection perspective.

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Email or fax in your lab work to be functionally reviewed for optimal wellness.

Fill out the New Client Health History Form and email it back to:

You will be contacted via phone by the Naturopath to arrange a time frame needed and fee for service.

Naturopath Anastiscia will provide you with a full review email report of the markers and holistic wellness suggestions based on the review.

After this, if you have the need to consult further with the Naturopath in person or as a phone consult you can call the office to book an appointment.