Mind and Body Wellness

The healing waters of Lake Tahoe

We offer several mind/body programs at our center that can guide you on a pathway of physical well being and personal success.

Life Coaching
(60 minutes / $60)

Success Coaching and Transitional Coaching are available through workshops and individual counseling sessions. Success Coaching allows you to tap inner direction in a format focused on accessing vision, exploring commitment and taking personal responsibility for achieving the results you desire. Transitional Coaching helps you to identify goals and recognize the habitual thought patterns that lead to self limiting ideas. Through these programs, you can gain the tools that can transform obstacles into a pathway of achieving lasting fulfillment.

Dietary Therapy
(4 sessions/ $100)

Based on the idea that food is also medicine, maintaining health through dietary therapy is central to the philosophy and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The food's color, taste, texture and shape and its effect upon the body can be used to return balance and harmony to the constitution. Foods with specific colors and tastes nourish specific parts of the body and correct specific imbalances. Discover the foods and herbs that can alleviate many signs of imbalance that manifest as illness. Through the process of analyzing the diet and constitution, our Practitioners will teach you how to choose the foods and herbs that will boost your immune system and alleviate many symptoms like joint pain, headaches and lethargy.

Astrology dial

Astrological Reading and Forecast
(60 minutes / $95)

Founded upon on a tradition that is more than 2000 years old, explore the personal blueprint revealed by the moment of your birth. Your personal life path reveals your gifts, challenges, relationships, work and even the unique situations that you face. This reading will help you to discover balance and coach you to live life intuitively. Enhance your relationships, manifest your life calling and discover meaning in the challenges you face. You will receive a natal chart and yearly forecast and by reviewing the challenges of the past, you will come to recognize and harness the energy of your future.

Life Purpose through Dreamwork
(Ongoing Workshops/ $35)

Dreams are like a plow against a hardened inner landscape. They test our strength and sincerity. Dreaming allows us to keep the soil tilled so that we can harvest our life purpose. Discover how dreams become of profound source of inspired guidance and how something within appears to know us better than we know ourselves. Local author and dream analyst Kari Hohne leads these workshops on a monthly basis. For more information contact her.

Intuitive Readings Lake Tahoe
(30 minutes / $35)

Based on the idea of synchronicity, everywhere we look, there we are. Using various forms of self revelation, gain insight about the current issues in your life and transform the obstacles that prevent you from attaining your personal goals. Identify what strategies work for you and the unknown isses that might be holding you back.

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